I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Mayri, a trainer with 10 years of experience with 5 dedicated to sustainability and circular economy.

My mission is to use my skills, charisma and serial optimism to inspire people and organisations around the world to take steps towards a circular economy. 

Mayri Tiido Writting

My circular journey to a circular economy

I’m never going to use my economics degree.

— 20-something Mayri

Why would I have thought any differently?

I went into economics on a whim. The blend of maths and social studies were interesting. But the economic concepts I was studying did not “spark joy.”

Meanwhile, the world of training was igniting a full fire. I first organised a training for AEGEE-Tartu, a student organisation I was part of. I was hooked! I immediately attended a Training for Trainers and led any training I could to gain experience. The more trainings I delivered, the more I realised this is what I want to do — this is who I am!

Being a curious person, I began delving deeper into global discussions on sustainability and climate change. This led me to audit my lifestyle and eventually to rethink my own underutilised resource — my economics degree.

I understood that the circular economy isn’t just another economic model; it is a vision for a sustainable world. It resonated deeply with my values and aspirations. Sharing that vision combined all of my interests — economics, sustainability, and training.

Now, I stand before you as a passionate circular economist. And my mission is clear: to inspire and educate others about the principles of the circular economy.

Let’s build a sustainable future together!

How can I support you?

Find out what I’ve been up to lately:

My Qualifications


  • Continuing training on Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy (University of Cambridge, 2020)
  • Adult Education Profession, level 6 (ANDRAS, 2018)
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Administration (University of Tartu, 2017)


  • Circular Design Trainer (CIRCO, 2022)
  • Circular Economy Pioneer (Ellen McArthur Foundation, 2020)
  • Member of the Pool of Experts (Lifelong Learning Platform, 2018) 
Relevant Work Experience (from recent years)

09.2023 – 12.2023 Estonian Business School | Visiting Lecturer on Sustainability

04.2023 – 12.2023 Sustinere | Executing the 5-day training program and development of circular economy potential analysis for the companies in Rae municipality within the Rae municipality circular economy pilotproject

02.2023 – 05.2023 Estonian Academy of Arts | Visiting Lecturer on Sustainability

09.2019 – 10.2022 Circular Economy – Sustainable Competences for Youth | Project Manager | Aim of the project was to develop a competence framework for youth organisations to support young people in their skills development for circular economy. All project results can be found here.

01.2022 – 09.2022 Let’s Do It Foundation | First Estonian Zero Waste Conference organisation

02.2022 – 06.2022 Prototron | Program Lead for the Spring Round with a focus on sustainability and circular economy

11.2019 – 08.2020 Accelerate Estonia | Excess Materials Flow Idea Lead

04.2019 – … Materjalivoog | Co-founder

Projects and Trainings

March-April 2024 Let’s Do It Foundation | Sustainability Experts Training of Trainers (co-trainer Kadri Kalle)

December 2023 Estonian Business and Innovation Agency |Basics of Circular Economy (co-trainer Kadri Kalle)

August 2023 Estonian Environment Agency | Introduction to Circular Economy (co-trainer Kadri Kalle)

May-August 2023 Rae Municipality | Circular Economy Development Program (co-trainer Paula Kristel Kaljula)

March-June 2023 EPALE & Kutsekoda |  Green Skills Training for Trainers (co-trainer Kadri Kalle)

December 2022 Tallinn Creative | Circular Design Workshop

May 2022 CESCY project | Training for Trainers on Circular Economy Competences (Spain)

March 2022 CESCY project | Learn & Hack: Circular Economy for Youth Leaders (Estonia)

February 2022 CESCY project | Learn & Hack: Circular Economy for Youth Leaders (Portugal)

September-December 2021 Pärnumaa Development Center | Circular Economy Masterclass (programme lead and trainer)

September 2021 CESCY project | Seminar for Youth Workers on Circular Economy Competences (Italy)



  • Chairperson of the Estonian Standardisation Committee Working Group on Circular Economy 2023-2024
  • Mindvalley University 2023
  • Mindvalley University 2022
  • Arvamusfestival since 2019 in different roles
  • AEGEE/European Student’s Forum 2010-2018